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A  Multi Channel platform that works across all mobile devices and PCs

iTouch Vision’s powerful ‘deploy once’ and then push approach allows a seamless look and feel.

iTouchVision Range of platforms

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

We take all of our feature requests from you our customers. Every feature we have created over the last 5 years has been requested by our customers. Our road map for this year is what you have asked for.

iTouchVision Responsive Theme

Ultra-Responsive Design
iTouch Vision is 100% responsive, each and every element is fully responsive. We also provide you with a custom design app reflecting your companies banding.

iTouchVision Configuration

Advanced Theme Options
We include an extremely advanced admin panel allowing users to quickly and easily customize the look and feel of your solution to match your companies branding.

iTouchVision RBAC

Our role based access control (RBAC) always every aspect of the system to locked down so the users and customers only see what they are meant to see.

iTouchVision App

Mobile Apps
Our CRM platform has it own custom design app to match your branding. Across windows mobile and desktop, Apple devices and android devices.

iTouchVision Mobile Worker

Mobile Worker
Support for the team in the field. The mobile worker solution allow tasks and service requests to be assigned to people on site. Even works offline.

iTouchVision Rules

Advanced Rules
Our advanced rules engine allows you to automate any part of your process. From routing, setting priorities, changing ownership, updating the status and creating tasks.

iTouchVision multi-language

Not only is iTouch Vision CRM multi-language ready, we also Include automatic translation from your standard  language set to 43 different lanaguages.

iTouchVision Configureable

Create your own web forms and fields in a few easy steps. Add item types, lists of values, maps, file uploads, drop downs and HTML content.

iTouchVision Integration

Web Services
Integrate iTouch Vision CRM with any other system. Our extensive range of web services allows you share data with other systems within your organisation.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Cloud CRM Platform
  • Fully Customizable Options
  • 3 month free trial
  • Branded to your look and feel
  • Responsive theme
  • Role based access control
  • Web forms
  • Custom fields
  • App ready
  • Document and Email Templates
  • Web Service Integration
  • Employee Hierarchy
  • Self-service
  • Case Management
  • Workflow and approval automations
  • Mobile Worker
  • Task Management
  • Dashboard graphs and charts
  • Service Desk
  • Workforce tracking
  • Advanced Communications
  • Support
  • Request a new feature
  • Service level agreements
  • Attachments
  • Maps and Layer support
  • Multi-Language

The mobile app suite is available on apple, android and windows platforms

All designed and built as per your needs and requirements. All branded to your organisations look and feel

3 months Free 

We are so confident you will love our platform we will give you a free trial.

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What Our Customer Says About Us

We’re getting nearly 50% of our fly tipping reporting being done online now. Reporting abandoned vehicles we’re getting nearly 80% done online. From a channel shift perspective that really is the sort of thing we want to see. It’s shown a healthy increase and I think a lot of that is down to the fact that we have got a better way of customers being able to report incidents to us.
Streetscene Officer, Local Government
We have worked closely with iTouchvision for the last 3 years, successfully adopting the platform for our citizens and our officers alike. iTouchvision have worked tirelessly with us to develop our mobile worker app, ensuring that it fits our business requirements. It has been refreshing to work with one of our key IT suppliers who are willing to go that extra mile.
Customer Relationship and Transformation Manager, Local government
I have found the approach taken by iTouchvision to be a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the big boys in the local government systems world that I’ve had to deal with…I genuinely felt it was a refreshing approach taken by your company and I would certainly work with you again on other projects.
Digital Transformation Officer, Local Government
iTouch Vision has provided us with a cheap but very effective way of engaging with our customers through a different media channel. It has also allowed our residents to contact or report issues to the council at their own convenience. The app has been very well received by our residents and we now have over 800 regular users. In addition, elected members have found the app easy to use and it has formed an integral part of the authority’s campaign. iTouchvision have been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the implementation programme and have been a pleasure to work with.
Customer Services Manager, Local Government
The main thing for us was that iTouchvision had done this before and had obviously been doing it for quite a while, and well. They gave us referral sites all the feedback from them was positive. iTouchvision were willing to work with us and develop with us and not just offer an off the peg solution. The scope of the project has expanded considerably over time and the fact that iTouchvision were willing to go “yes, fine, no problem” was absolutely vital to us. Nothing’s ever been too much trouble. iTouchvision have absolutely bent over backwards to do stuff for us and to get us to the position we’re currently in and we’re more than grateful for that.
Information Systems and Technical Support Team Leader, Local Government
How great it is that our customers can quickly and easily report council problems and access our services directly from a mobile phone or device at a time and place that is convenient to them. With the help and support of iTouch Vision, we the first Council in Wales to introduce a bilingual App which is straightforward and convenient for people to use in either English or Welsh. The introduction of the app is a significant step forward in the achievement of our targets towards improving customer access. The level of support provided by iTouchvision from the point of training to ‘go-live’ was exceptional and continues to be to this day.
Customer Services Team Leader, Local Government