CRM Guide and Field Service Resources covering industry-best practices.

802, 2017

A Comprehensive Guide for Field Service Dynamics

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A Comprehensive Guide for Field Service Management in 2017 What’s inside the guide? Field service management is often referred to as a mobility business. It is one of the arduous sectors dealing with off-site mobile workers, office administration employees and diversely located customers with varied service requests involving a high amount of information exchange and communication. It is undergoing a fascinating evolution [...]

1901, 2017

Digital Transformation in Energy Industry

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How to embrace the digital transformation in energy industry? What’s inside the guide for the industry professionals? Energy and utility companies are facing constant challenges owing to the global changes in customer expectations and financial crisis. To position itself well for the future, every enterprise in the energy and utility sector is seeking ways to merge its business processes with technology. The emerging utility [...]

601, 2017

Council Handbook for Digital Transformation in 2017

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Council Handbook for Digital Transformation in 2017 What’s inside the guide? Innovation and Digital – are the two words to swear by in this era. While on one side, private sector and individuals have been rushing and happily espousing this digital boom, we are yet to come across such steps in the public sector. 65% of consumers believe that online services [...]

310, 2016

Why a world class Customer Service Platform is the key to a successful SaaS business?

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White Paper on Importance of Customer Support for SaaS (Software as a Service) Providers What’s inside the guide? This SaaS white paper uncovers various aspects of B2B support relations. We have emphasised the importance of customer support and service for the SaaS providers to reduce the churn rate and increase customer lifetime value. More and more organisations are adopting the cloud [...]