Contact Centre

End-to-end customer management in an all-in-one platform supporting calls, chats, SMS, emails and social media posts empowering agents to attend more number of calls with skill-based routing.

Our cloud based software is being used in 500+ call centres; it facilitates the agents to attend the calls through software and mobile application ensuring seamless integration and call recording.

Case Management

Reducing human efforts and errors with case automation technology, having 5000+ happy users accessing the most advanced case management software from their Desktop PCs, Laptops and all mobile devices.

Track, Share & Update the case information, Design eForms quickly, manage your tasks and notify the concerned people in just a matter of minutes.”

Service Desk

A smooth life-cycle management of Service Requests by our Service Desk Software has made it a trusted solution of over 125,000 professionals using it to capture all request information, auto-schedule and dispatch jobs to the teams, allocate tasks whilst workers are in the field, spot near-by requests and manage the workforce.

Quick and easy configuration of pages makes it the best solution in the industry.

Mobile Worker

Multi-Platform mobile application including features like auto-routing helping workforce to visit different locations, queue their tasks of daily schedule and accomplish work orders.

You can update & notify to the back-office team with document upload and use advanced features like offline integration & cloud synchronization.

5000+ field workers have shown 92% more productivity using our MobileWorker.

Our Customer Service Software will ensure your customers love you.

Service Desk

Mange all your IT issues and problems

Customer, Asset & Products

Master data management in one place

Case Management

People and complex issues

Contracts & Planning

Strategic customer service

Why are we different?

We believe that offering a unique, flexible and responsive platform will ensure that you can deliver the ultimate customer service. You are able to configure the platform options to reflect the way you work. 

The real power of business lies with the customer and to hold on to this supremacy you need to have the right Customer Service Software to retain them. A flawless customer experience is not just an added advantage but a must-have resource to ace your business. iTouchVision with its team comprising of individuals from various fields work to help companies grow their customer base using a right mix of Tactics and Technology.

iTouchVision’s Customer Service Software has multiple points of contact for the customer interaction; everything of which is captured on a cloud hosted platform. Exploiting all the SaaS benefits, data management, search, storage and access becomes 24×7 with much ease! The software is designed in a way that takes up minimum efforts and time of staff so they can be engaged in much more important tasks for productivity.

Being a company that has worked with over 300+ clients in a number of verticals, we have got an inside view of the entire system to identify what is exactly needed to boost up performance and success! What we develop at iTouchVision is customized to match each of the enterprise needs regardless of its size and nature. USER-FRIENDLY software, NATIVE mobile application and CLOUD support is the set of resources to climb up the business success steps.

iTouchVision combines all the elements of a good Customer Service Software and adding its own technical perfection ensures that all our clients get the best! 365 days availability to provide 360-degree support across 24×7 days is what we offer to congregate our ties with each of our client enterprise. The modern age wants things to be INSTANT and ALWAYS, we make it POSSIBLE for them to reach out to your company in an organized manner with distinctive features and a personal bond for CRM.

The mobile app suite is available on apple, android and windows platforms

All designed and built as per your needs and requirements. All branded to your organisations look and feel

iTouchVision Mobile Apps for Customer Service Software