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Our customers are like our family, when we start together we go on a journey. Over the time we know their families, their hobbies and what their weekend was like. We create relationships with our customers that go beyond the basic support and help.

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iTouchVision has provided us with an affordable but very effective way of engaging with our customers through a holistic channel. It has also allowed our customers to contact or report issues at their own convenience 24×7.

Customer Services Manager

I have found the approach taken by iTouchVision to be a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the big boys in this sector that I’ve had to deal with. I genuinely felt it was a refreshing approach taken by your company and I would certainly work with you again on other projects.

Digital Transformation Lead

Nothing’s ever been too much trouble. iTouchVision has absolutely bent over backwards to do stuff for us and to get us to the position we’re currently in and we’re more than grateful for that.

Information Systems Lead

The platform provides us with flexibility and agility and has enabled us to provide our customers with a joined up online, mobile, and tablet proposition synchronised for the best outcome.

Head of Business Management

I have found iTouchVision good to work with as they are a small enough supplier to be flexible (which I think is vital in developing mobile apps) but they are large enough to work with partners in a credible way.

Head of ICT

I enjoy working with iTouchVision, as a leading IT provider their solutions are innovative and flexible and the customer service they provide as part of their technology is both attentive and professional.

Head of IT
iTouch Vision enabled us to get up and running with our App using the platform in a very short timescale, their support and flexibility was key to our successful launch
Director for Customer Services

iTouchVision has worked tirelessly with us to develop our mobile worker app, customised to fit our exact business requirements. It has been reviving to work with one of our key IT suppliers who are willing to go that extra mile to give us a tailored solution over a generalised one.

Head of Department (StaffManagement)

How great it is that our customers can quickly and easily report problems and access our services directly from a mobile phone or device at a time and place that is convenient to them. And more amazing is we can dispatch the ad-hoc work orders to our team present in the near-by locations.

Services Team Leader

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