Whistleblowing Software: Allow your employees to bring issues to your attention

Our Whistleblowing Software allows you to reveal the malpractice, wrongdoing or fraud in your company save time and resources by quickly identifying issues instead of discovering about them encourage employees to come forward about wrongdoing whilst protecting them from retaliation.

Why is a whistleblowing policy essential for your corporate governance strategy?

Our Whistleblower software, combined with our hotline service allow your employees to report issues while retaining their anonymity (when legally permitted).

Such wrongdoing, in any form, by any employee, no matter what position he or she occupies and no matter what function he or she performs, poses a potential threat to your reputation as a trusted company and can jeopardise future business. Most companies try to foster a culture of openness, trust and transparency and to minimise the incidence of improper or illegal conduct, often employees are encouraged to talk openly to their managers, Compliance Officers or other appropriate personnel, but sometimes this is not enough. This is where our Whistleblowing software can help.

Our Whistleblowing software and service is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and accountability. Employees are likely to be the first to know when someone inside the company or connected with the company is acting improperly or illegally.

  • It helps you identify risks that the company may not know about and to address wrong doing swiftly.
  • Reminds and encourages workers to speak out if they have concerns
  • Highlights alternative routes if the individual feels they cannot speak up internally
  • Helps with compliance with the UK Bribery Act 2010 and Sarbanes Oxley
  • Shows the company has no-tolerance attitude to malpractice and wrongdoing
  • Informs future risk strategies and allows companies to take remedial action to wrongdoing.
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Our Whistleblowing Software allows you manage risk and ensure you me compliance standards. Join The 25,000+ Satisfied iTouch Vision Users!

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