How do I see the number of app downloads?

An enterprise application is typically made to facilitate end users with a self-service channel to engage with them. As per the nature of your business, an application may be developed to assist users for shopping, booking services or appointment, raise installation or maintenance requests, employee or customer management, for field workers, etc. Hence, a number of app downloads of your application become a measurable factor in determining how successful it has been to connect to your target audience.

To help the organisation with this statistical information, our platform enables the administrator to generate a dashboard report indicating a number of downloads for the application. Furthermore, it also highlights the category of devices i.e. on which devices it has been downloaded and by how many users.

Easy visual representation gives a clear picture of the number of app downloads against the specific time period for each category of devices. One can specify the filter parameters and the relevant results will be retrieved in a graphical format with all the data helping to decide a roadmap for improvements.

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