How do I upload my own icons?

Visual experience with app interface design should always be fascinating for the end-user. Use of images, icons, and graphics along with the text makes it easier to be accepted by the users. Icons are self-explanatory elements that enrich browsing familiarity and make it easy for the user to understand and use your platform or application.

Our platform provides you with a set of commonly used icons. Also, there is a provision to directly upload and manage your own custom icons to use them on different pages.

  • Administrator can search “Icons” and navigate to the branding section
  • Admin can search, view and delete the existing icons
  • If one wishes to add new icons from their system, it can be done in the simplest way

App design Interface Icons

All you need to do is:

  • Select the appropriate category for the set of icons to be uploaded
  • Once the category is selected, add single or multiple image files and start uploading them

Having the icon store makes it easy to select appropriate icons as per the need of the app interface design for the platform.