How do I change my web and mobile app logo?

It is very important to associate your logo as a symbol of identity on the bespoke software solution. It helps to create an image for your organisation as a brand to your users. Considering the importance of branding, our software allows customised options to upload, set and manage logos.

An administrator can simply log in to his account on his device and use the options under Administration tab to set the logos. To make it further easy, navigate to “Administration” and search for “Logos”, that is available as a part of branding configurations.

One can access multiple options to add their own logos:

  • Enter the URL of the logo to add a new logo or replace an existing one
  • Give a numeric value to set the height of logo and it will be adjusted

Different logos or sizes for the self-service customer-facing portal, mobile applications and the back-office systems can be set.

This gives an ease to control how the logo will be seen on the screens of the end-users as well as the back-office portal of the bespoke software solution.

bespoke software solution logos