If we buy your services, how much time will it take to go live?

One of the main advantages of a cloud software solution is that it does not require the organisation to do any pre-arrangements for implementing and going live with the software. It is hosted on the cloud and does not affect any on-going work.

We provide a quick onboarding process within approximately 2 weeks of subscription to go live for the available pricing plans. If the organisation wishes to go for a customised package with a selected set of features, it might take some additional time based on the requirement. This extra time is needed to exactly bundle the required features in the cloud software solution and configure the workflow process as per the business structure.

A project manager is assigned individually to every client who is just a call away to cover all interactions with the company. Our team does all the initial work before going live and assists at every step with proper training on-site, blogs, knowledge base, video tutorials and emails to ensure that intended users get acquainted with the system in the minimum time.