Can we export the report data to CSV format?

As important as it is for the reports to be customisable and visually clear, it should be possible to download it for further use. As a general convention, businesses use CSV format (Comma separated values) to record the reports or use them for any purpose.

The platform allows the administrator to download the report in HTML or CSV format with a click. We also have print module which allows printing reports, service request or cases including location map, question/answers, history, etc. Moreover our solution is browser based so if user has permission to view data then he can easily use browsers print functionality and also print remotely. We use opensource BI publisher which allows you to generate PDF/DOC files and you can print documents using your favourite printing software.

Also, the report can be directly mailed from the platform to the recipients. It increases the usability of the solution reducing any dependency on other platforms. The user needs to-

  1. Select the report to be exported.
  2. Choose the desired format.
  3. Download or email it.
CSV format