How do I see number of requests I am getting each month?

To measure success and performance, to analyse what your users have been demanding and how your employees are attending them, customer reports are helpful. It helps you to learn from past figures, evaluate present statistics and predict future trends with improvements.

The system gives you significant suppleness to generate different types of customer reports with ease. To understand how many requests or orders of a defined category have been received by your organisation for a particular month or specific time period, you can easily put the required parameters and generate the report. Also, one can add as many categories as required to exactly get the figures.

This helps to understand how good your organisation has been to the end users and what can be done further to increase orders and decrease complaints. As shown below, the admin user needs to do following-

  1. Select the type of form used to capture the data from the customer.
  2. Choose the category or keep it all to extract every detail.
  3. Select the duration from starting date to ending date.
  4. Generate report.

Customer Reports