Can we create customised reports?

Customisation is one of the most sought after feature in software. Every organisation may be having different requirements and would not like to be limited to a certain number of fixed things. The solution has to be tailored in a way that gives flexibility of using it for the desired purpose.

Applying a degree of customisation to reporting and dashboard, our platform allows creating customised reports. The administrator has an access to multiple options to format and view the reports. Interactive reporting region puts more power in the hands of the administrator without requiring any IT expertise or development efforts.

Interactive reports allow the user to select the columns and extract the filtered and sorted data by defining breaks, aggregations, different charts and own computations.

  • For interactive reports, administrator can navigate to Primary report
  • Select Actions and choose the preferred option
  • Report will appear right on the screen sufficing your requirement

Customised Reports

It makes easy for the administrator to understand various scenarios in simple steps. One can create multiple variations of the report and save them. Interactive reports are the best tools to generate any customised report in a flexible and desirable manner.