Can I select what features I want to buy?

“One size fits all” does not work when it comes to enterprise software solutions and mobile applications. Companies often have their requirement of features based on their employee strength, nature of industry, product range, service offerings, geographical location and target user base. We give complete freedom to the organisation to choose from our suite of software products and bespoke mobile applications.

Although we do have categorised our modules and offerings into Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus subscriptions, we do allow a specially tailored set of features. Pricing may vary based on the nature of the business, their end-users, functionalities they want and customisation in the version of the enterprise software solutions to benefit the organisation in the best possible way.

We don’t limit our software service subscriptions to any concrete plans, instead we give you multiple options that may help you to take a decision. You can consult our subject-matter experts and professionals for a free demo to discuss your requirements based on which they shall guide you and tailor the features and modules to achieve your business goals.