If I want to hide some functionality for mobile app, can I do it?

To meet the ever-changing requirements of the enterprises and provide flexibility to control the system as a whole, a number of options are available to the administrator. Also, it helps in the case where one wants certain functionalities to be only accessible by the application or web or vice-versa. Mobile app features can be limited using certain settings from the administrator screen.

In the easiest way possible, the administrator can enable or disable a specific feature for the mobile interface. The required settings are available under the “Tabs” section to do any change as and when needed.

Once the changes are done, options for mobile app features are enabled or disabled by the administrator, one can simply publish the new metadata without many efforts. It does not require any special programming expertise to configure these options.

Mobile app features

In a matter of clicks, the settings are changed and reflected in the applications across all the platforms, thus implementing the desired changes.