As part of our mobile workforce management software solution, Mobile Worker is a platform designed for the workforce going beyond the office premises to accomplish their tasks & fulfil customer requests. It delivers the information through the application on smartphones, iPads, and tablets to assist them on-the-go!

Mobile Workforce Management Software
Mobile Workforce Management App

Task Management

Mobile Worker eases the reporting, working and coordinating processes for field staff and maintains a synchronisation level with the back-office team. Field workers receive their entire schedule as per their availability with smart scheduling from the service desk. They can check the job dispatched to their routine and
accept/reject or pick work, the rejected job is sent to other workers immediately.

Mobile Workforce Management Apps

Work-order Scheduling and Updates

Using the mobile workforce management software and Mobile Worker application, field workers follow their schedule, check the task details, planned date, visit the job location, add their notes, complete the task, upload the evidence and update the status in real-time. All service requests and tasks can be managed from the work queue, with full sorting and searching capabilities. All workers automatically get new work based upon their current location.

Workforce Management Reporting
Multi-Platform Mobile Workforce Management Apps

Support for Multiple Platforms and Devices

Premeditated to run across all Android, iOS and Windows devices, mobile workforce management software with Mobile Worker guarantees full mobility to the working staff & growth to the enterprise.

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How does the mobile workforce management software help field technicians to coordinate and complete their work?

The back-office executives use service desk software to dispatch jobs to the field staff. MobileWorker application displays the schedule to the worker who accepts the relevant tasks for the day and sets out accordingly. The worker adds his notes, collects customer signature and updates the status of the request on completion of each task. The information is synchronised over cloud and notifications are sent to all the concerned people about work order completion. Thus, eliminating trips to office to collect task details or submit completion status, allowing for effortless mobile workforce management software.

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