Is the platform and mobile apps encrypted?

Encryption is needed at all the levels to enhance security and as a measure to prevent any type of cyber attacks. We have implemented industry-standard encryption for data across all the products to make it as the most secure platform. All packets transmitted are encrypted by private-public key and further encapsulated by industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) /TLS (Transport Layer Security) layer giving high levels of security.

We follow secure authentication process using custom encryption algorithm over standard SSL/TLS. Our secure platform uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – 256 for end-to-end data encryption on the device itself irrespective of the network communication. Every detailed aspect of the encryption process and compliance with data security standards are mentioned in the product documentation given to the client organisation. All our current mobile applications across every OS variant and web portal are encrypted, hosted and operated in a secure environment.

We keep applying all the latest security patches at the operating system level and at software level on a quarterly schedule window on Saturday night.