How self-help apps are transforming customer service?

Help your customers help themselves!

Innovation and customer service go hand-in-hand. It’s a safe bet that companies relying on customer service to boost their business will have a competitive edge. There are endless ways and materials to guide you through customer service. Also, the world is witnessing an outburst of advanced technology and smart inventions. This leads to rise in the customer expectations. And, no business can afford to ignore them. The solution is adapting to changes. Welcome the new ray of success with self-service!

Self-Service : The Basics

One of the recent trends in the customer service practices is the ‘self-help’ or ‘self-service’ applications. This trend is now actually becoming a mandate for the businesses. Self-help apps refer to the use of mobile applications by the customers to initiate interactions or access information. Customers use the company-branded apps to avail services, request information, pay bills, register a complaint, connect for support or get answers to their issues. The process becomes simpler, leaner and much more enriched than the other customer support methods.

Self-help apps go beyond the purpose of only assisting the customers. These apps or web channels are a perfect medium to put a company in a smooth sailing position. Because of the plethora of benefits offered, companies are considering the inclusion of self-service for retaining their customers. It streamlines their customer service operations without any dependency.

Which businesses can benefit from self-help apps?

Thanks to the penetration of smartphones and tablets in our daily lives, we use them for almost every purpose. It’s not wrong to say that the millennial generation has got the smartphone addiction. From booking cabs to flight check-ins, health monitoring to public services, groceries to ordering food, booking appointments to paying bills, these self-help apps have touched every aspect. So, any business dealing with customers, balancing requests and orders, and providing support can leverage from self-service apps. Further, it’s gaining a momentum in the B2B market as well.

What are the strong reasons for employing a self-service solution?

A business can optimise customer experience to a greater level with self-service solution. Furthermore, the apps provide a complete package of your company’s services and touchpoints on a single platform. Let us explore the purpose of these self-help apps in detail-

Self-help is the best help – Independent and Flexible

Customer is the king. Self-service makes them feel like one. They don’t need to wait for human support to avail services. With a single touch, they can access a complete range of services. Without any demographic, time or platform limitations, offerings are available to them 24×7! Also, it is possible to complete all regulated transactions within security layers. Easy as it sounds, right?

Consider a customer has to report a severe issue on an urgent basis. Rather than searching for a contact number or drafting long emails to explain the issue, he can use his mobile. Open the self-service app, click a picture, request a repair or service and feed in the location. Post that, he can track the status of the request. The rest of the process takes places on a timely basis with perfection. Self-help apps deliver quick, amazing and hassle-free service.

A win-win situation – Less Burden and More Satisfaction

They say that employees are your first customers. It is necessary to take care of your employees and address their concerns. It is pointless to expect high employee productivity while overloading them with work. The modern business is all about doing smart work. Customer-facing self-help apps reduce the burden on employees. There are lesser direct support calls. Agents can focus on more productive and critical tasks.

As Gartner suggests, by 2018, more than 50% businesses are expected to improvise their present business models for delivering better customer experiences. The role of self-service will be prominent. Self-help apps will drive more automation in customer service. This means more satisfaction, effective outcome and fewer issues.

Stay ahead of the curve – Repeat Business and Bonding

Poor customer experiences will destroy 30% of digital business projects by 2020. On the other side, businesses making use of CRM technology with an empathetic attitude are three times more likely to succeed. That’s why self-service solution is the best suited option to grow and be a customer-favourite. Customers can manage their own accounts without any inter-mediation.

There is a constant increase in the use of smartphones. That’s why, a customer is more likely to access a company-branded app than switching to something else. Also, they offer a room for personalisation. Based on their preferences and data analysis, a company can send more customised offers, suggest value-added services and be more of a friend. Companies have better opportunities to repeat business & earn loyalty using a brand value.

Ready to help with self-help?

If you aim to be exceptional while managing customers, self-help apps are the most cost-effective way. If you plan to boost the revenues and raise the performance bar, self-service solution is the most ideal way. Therefore, it is a no-brainer for the companies to gift a self-care help to their customers. And increase retention as a return. Need a demo to understand the usage of self-help apps? Feel free to contact us for a tailored demo explaining all the features pertaining to your business.