Can the self-service platform be branded in my company’s style?

Branding is important to create a unique and trustworthy image for your target audience. Users should be able to appreciate the consistency of enterprise self-service applications and associate themselves with it. Uniformity and consistency in branding determine the standards of the company.

iTouchVision’s portal has a number of options to match every organisation’s branding requirement for the self-service platform and includes it in the best possible way. Further, we have the easiest method to implement and set the desired configurations and reflect your company’s branding across the self-service platform including mobile applications and software.

Selecting colours, themes, fonts, tabs, logos, icons, and images is just a DIY (Do It Yourself) thing on our platform which doesn’t require any technical expertise or assistance. Since a self-service platform is primarily designed to assist end-users, it should have an interface with elements of simplicity and flexibility.

You can visit Customisation and Personalisation section for more details on what configuration options are available and how can you set it up for yourself quickly and easily.