Can we do a trial?

It is never easy to simply believe on a software service vendor’s words and buy it for your organisation. Many factors have to be taken into consideration and tested before actually zeroing down on a specific solution that shall serve the intended purpose. Companies proving software solutions may promise a set of things, which may work in some cases and fail in other cases.

We offer a free non-obligatory demo and a complete software trial of our products for 90 days to the client companies. This helps them to understand our products and use them before buying it. 100% of our software trial users have opted to buy our platform after using it as they found it perfectly tailored for their usage. Also, it instigates a level of confidence and helps to accommodate any other requirement realised during this 3-month trial period.

Going for a software trial prior to buying a software solution is ideal for the enterprises as they get enough time and resources to test its working and viability within their environment. Also, this gives a fair idea of how easily your employees can get adapted to the solution. Since software solution should be integrated and customised to the requirements, a trial assures the value you can expect from its implementation.