How are the different users authorised to access the data?

Our platform performs a strict validation of data at the point of entry, regardless of the channel. The software validation rules configured by the administrator will apply to web forms and also to the bespoke native mobile apps across every platform. Data entry validation is essential to extract the required information from end-users in a standard format with valid values to maintain data standards.

The data capture fields are defined in the metadata repository. This repository is used for forms across all the channels including the Web, Mobile & Telephony. Therefore, any changes made at one place, all the data entry points will capture and reflect the related validations.

Also, the users are prompted at the point of entry before being allowed to navigate from the field if they miss filling any mandatory field. Missing data is prompted at the point of data entry before the user navigates out from the field. You can make certain fields restricted by list of values, and that will ensure only the valid values are captured in the fields. This set of software validation checks preserve the data integrity and correctness.