Do you offer web services?

As a cloud-based service provider, iTouchVision offers a wide range of web services integration to its clients that can be utilised by them for various purposes. Web services are useful to collect and synchronise data and keep the system updated with the latest information and provide any flexible functionality.

Web services form an important part of the software when it comes to integrating the existing system with the new platform. Our web services are highly usable to port data both ways – from company’s own system to our platform and vice versa. This ensures the consistency and seamless exchange in the flow of information.

Mapping of data from user forms to our e-forms, matching the question keys and answer codes between different systems to store data in an organised manner. Web services integration also allow real-time mapping i.e. populating certain options based on dynamically chosen answer by the end-user.

Apart from the above functions, web services are configured to create, get and update reports, notes, tasks and user profiles. It also allows to update status and reflect every change in real-time within the back-end system.