Why should you NOT avoid moving your HR platform to Cloud?

From Human Resources to Productive and Happy Human Resources!

“Human Resources Isn’t A Thing We Do. It’s The Thing That Runs Our Business.”

-Steve Wynn

Efficient human resource management is the crux of workforce productivity. Business profits are realised when you have a great mix of the best talent and technology. Hiring and retaining talent is a difficult job. It sometimes costs an arm and a leg to extract expected performance from your employees. The ultimate secret to achieving this is having a greater employee engagement. Make the employees feel that they and their needs are important to you!

HR systems have existed since long, even before the existence of the smartphones and Internet. But, the times have extensively changed. Considering the tech-savvy employees, human resources management and technology go hand-in-hand to accomplish an organisation’s business goals. In this ‘Information and Internet’ driven world, the HR practices have evolved to be more practical, flexible and easily accessible!

What is the need to implement tech-driven HRIS systems?

By 2022, enterprises that make sustained investments in employee experience will achieve a 10% improvement in employee engagement scores, suggests Gartner.

Creating employee experiences should be based on the ideology that “Employees are your first Customers!” It’s all worth keeping them happy. Employee engagement at a deeper level is possible with the use of digital HR solutions that make information accessible to employees from anywhere.

Managing your workforce, their tasks, queries, payroll, attendance, and reviewing performance accurately are accomplished successfully using the modern HRIS systems (Human Resource Information Systems). Also, these solutions free up HR team’s time wasted in doing repetitive non-productive tasks. They can invest their efforts and day in doing strategic business activities. New HRIS solutions have a wider room for automation and customisations to match business processes. 

Why have cloud-based HRIS systems become an all-time favourite for businesses?

To cope up with the changing times and working patterns, ‘Mobility’ is mandatory. The traditional On-premise systems have taken a back seat with the emergence of SaaS solutions for HR management. As the mobile workforce goes beyond office premises, and to comply with the remote working and BYOD (bring your own device) culture, there is no meaning to keep your HR strings attached with the desktop-based solutions.

On-premise solutions are not that worthy as they chain you to your desks. They tend to limit your productivity with restricted working. These outdated systems were good enough for the older times with fixed offices, limited work and dedicated IT team taking care of things. However, in this era of expansion, SaaS-based HRIS wins the game due to following reasons-

How should you plan your digital HR journey?

The decision to move your existing human resource management system to a cloud-based HRIS is a no-brainer to stay on top of things. By partnering with the right cloud service provider like iTouchVision, you can gain invariably in terms of employee engagement and cut down on the costs.


According to ISG Insights Annual Survey Report- By 2020, the combination of SaaS and hybrid will reach 53 percent, suggesting that more than half of enterprises will be primarily supporting their HR function using these technologies.

To begin with, consider your workforce requirements, align them with the HR operations and choose a service provider. As mentioned above, it is easy and quick to move your work to cloud platform replicating your HR business processes.

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