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Stop the bad before it becomes the worst!

Customer experience management with fantastic service keeps the ball rolling for every business. In one of our recent blogs, we discussed few of the many ways a customer service department can benefit using the support platform. That being the one side, today we explore how technology, training, and treatment can increase a customer lifetime value and association. Advancement and awareness have made companies rethink their existing processes and take off with the time.

We are in an era where people are highly exposed to technology and habituated to convenience.The effect is so much that they are expecting it in every aspect of life. A frustrated user will definitely lash out his negative interaction across the social media causing a big harm to a brand’s reputation. No business can estimate the loss suffered from poor customer experience management. Over the years of dealing with different types of customers, we suggest that it is extremely important to avoid a bad service call that can have worst effects.

What are the top 4 ideas that can save you to fall through the cracks of customer experience management?


Spoil them with choices

Everyone loves to be pampered, to be understood and to be showered with options. A company tends to focus on producing a wide range of offerings and a variety of services for their audience. But, here we refer choices to the multiplicity of communication platforms.

For instance, a customer who tweeted to a company’s handle “I had contacted your team for a defective product; there is no update since 2 days.” There was no reply from the company for 24 hours and finally they addressed the issue asking for all the details again over email. Is it worth for a customer to report the same thing thrice & still be unaware of the status of his complaint? Will he ever come back to that company? Would he recommend anyone to associate with them? Definitely not! Even if I was in his place, I would not.

The point here is- a company involved with customer communication needs to centralise its operations and data handling. Make the team available across the platforms using a right software that tracks interactions and synchronises the information.


Let them be free

Being independent is in the basic nature of human beings. Dependency creates a level of frustration if things are not up to the mark. People like to explore things in their own way at their own time and in their convenient mode.

Bonding with your customers is always a good idea but binding them in limitations is certainly not appreciated. Since modern terminologies like “self-service” are widely accepted and valued by the people, it’s high time that companies start providing customer facing platform in the form of mobile applications and web solutions.

Dedicated self-service web and mobile mediums encourage customer participation at a deeper level. They are free to check out and explore your offerings, report their issues, submit their feedback and even request a call at their convenience by leaving a message. Moreover, it also helps your employees to better understand the customer behaviour and provide them with a proper solution as the information is collected to the system.


Give them all the royalty

We all know the wise old saying “Customer is the King” that holds relevant in every period. So, this sovereign deserves all the royal treatment to be happy. His happiness will earn you rewards in the form of customer retention and word-of-mouth marketing, creating a win-win situation.

Imagine a robot attending your call that will hardly understand your actual problem. Or if you are lucky, an agent may listen to your issue, and then keep you on hold for eternity to find a solution in his system. Or further, you may be in the waiting mode as the call is being transferred to other executive and then the manager who might give you a ray of hope. This is not something that will please a customer who should ideally be a king for you!

It is your responsibility that your support agents are equipped with a software that is capable of pre-populating the customer details, routing calls to the right person and having a quick-search knowledge base displaying answers. This helps to attend user queries confidently, instigates trust in them that they are important to the company and being attended in the best and quickest possible way with high standards.


Grow with them as a family

Consideration is a great virtue. Understanding your customers is crucial to devise customer experience management strategies. Small gestures can create lasting impressions and crack big deals.

For instance, simply emailing them with a ticket number can make them feel inferior in the sense that their participation is limited.  Another way round, including personalised emails, having a positive tone, taking their suggestions and speaking to them in their language brings a huge difference.  A company may choose to attend VIP customers on high priority with minimum response time guarantee and send them timely alerts. Organise a friendly meet up or send occasional offers, notify them of your important days and wish them on their special days. If not manually, use a platform that allows configuring & customising all the features you wish to have.

Expanding business horizons with the support of customers and employee engagement is what a company should always seek. Finally, when you are excelling in providing products, services and support, the company can land on its feet with success.

Start off on the right foot to make it a customer-centric organisation that has the power to retain existing customers, acquire the new audience, and achieve high productivity and ROI. We would be glad to show you some real examples of smartly transformed companies using CRM solutions.  Sign up for a conversation about customer experience management with our experts. For more such discussions, join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus.

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