4 Ways Customer Service Software
Positively Impacts Relationships

Customer service is one of the biggest ways modern businesses differentiate themselves. But depending on the size of your company, it can seem daunting to try to manage the details of each client. How do you get to know a customer better and build a relationship when you’re juggling hundreds if not thousands of them?

It starts with having the right systems in place to manage data and interactions. This is where customer service software — often referred to as “customer relationship management (CRM) software” or even “helpdesk software” — comes into play. 

Here are four primary functions that tend to have the biggest influence on relationships:   


Gather and Store Customer Information

In the days before technology, salespeople would manually track their clients’ personal information — such things as birthdays and the names of their children. This personal information can make the difference between your customer feeling like a number and feeling like you care about them as an individual.

Customer service software makes it possible to track and store this type of information at scale. Each time someone interacts with your company, whether the best client or new customer, they will feel known and valued. Imagine the difference between “Hey, John. How was your vacation to Italy last month?” and “Hello. May I have your account number, please?”


Provide Updates to Customers Regularly

You already know that your customers each prefer a different method of communication, but everyone likes to be remembered. Using the automation tools built into most customer service platforms, you can you send out regular updates about things going on at your company. You can also send out automated messages to simply say, “Thank you.”

Choose the method of communication-based upon the preferences provided by your customer. If they prefer to receive all correspondence via text messages, that’s exactly how you’ll send it. Not only does this regular communication keep you “top of mind”, but it lets your customer know they are important.


Immediate Response to Customer Complaints

One of the most common customer issues is that companies do not address issues in a timely fashion. This can send the message that you care about getting their money, but don’t care about making things right. It’s a fast way to lose a repeat client, or worse, upset a customer enough that they spread the word about their experience. Most companies want to make addressing client problems a high priority.

By using customer service software, you can immediately see complaints and take corrective action. Because the software automatically tracks and updates client transactions and information, service agents take less time with each client. That not only improves process efficiency but also prevents clients from spending an exorbitant amount of their valuable time on a call.


Anticipate Customer Patterns

For most businesses, anticipating customer patterns lead to an increase in revenue. For your customer, it means a targeted approach that offers exactly what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. By aligning your customer service software with your data tracking software, you can anticipate buying habits, likes, dislikes, and patterns.

In the process, you’ve created a big-picture view of who your customer really is, which you can use to build better sales strategies.

Using a customer service platform can make a world of difference in the eyes of your existing and potential customers. Customers will judge you based upon how you make them feel and how well you solve their problems. Regardless of how small or large your organisation, when your client feels valued, they are more likely to remain loyal.  

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Jessica Barrett Halcom is a writer for TechnologyAdvice.com, with specializations in human resources, healthcare, and transportation. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay and currently lives in Nashville, TN.

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