Do you need to install any client software onto the PC?

Cloud technology has revolutionised the way software works. Our product suite is cloud hosted software within a completely safe and secure environment. The organisation buying our services need not install any software in their in-house systems.

Also, there is no special hardware or configuration requirement to implement and use our platform. The PC or workstation need not install any client software, it simply needs a browser and internet connectivity to get started and keep running. Any modern browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. can be used to operate the cloud hosted software and carry out the tasks.

The platform is fully and easily configurable in a way that any person with or without technical expertise can understand and start to use it. Apart from this, we have got well-documented content and videos loaded in the knowledgebase to guide the users at each step according to the ITIL configuration management process.

There is no load on the system since the software is hosted on the cloud. No special plugin required to get the software running. It can be accessed anywhere with valid credentials without any dependency on specific system or device.