Is it possible to have workflow automation to reduce human efforts?

Use of a software solution is intended to reduce human efforts and enable automatic actions as per the requirement. To fasten the process, avoid any errors and leverage the maximum benefit, our platform can be configured with report rules to fire quick actions using workflow automation.

Rules-based action engine is one of the greatest usability features of our solution. One can configure endless report rules to determine what should happen or how the system should respond to a particular event or a change. It helps in mapping business processes to appropriate actions.

workflow automation

For instance, if a customer calls and requests for a service with a high priority, it should be automatically escalated to the top of the task queue and be allocated to the concerned department. Or a recurring task should happen after a certain interval or after a certain milestone, report rule can be configured to achieve the same. Report rules can be configured with workflow automation at all levels to introduce notifications for consequent actions.

Workflow automation in the system reduces manual intervention and makes sure of correct timely actions without any delay.