How do I reset password?

The portal is accessible to agent executives or the administrators with valid login credentials allocated to them. However many times, they may require changing the password for the sake of remembering it or keep it for a personal reference. So, we do allow to reset password for the convenience of users.

Irrespective of the hierarchy, the platform offers an easy 2-step technique to allow the user change or reset password and the same being updated in all the relevant databases. One can configure validations to define the strength of password in terms of characters, case and other parameters.

As shown, the admin can log in with his current credentials and select the change password option. Following this, he can enter new password with respect to the password policy and validation criteria.

For the end-users or any third party involved with the organisation, the password change can be requested to the admin or agent. He can view the profile and access the change password option to do the needful as per the validation and verification policy.