Who will do all the configuration of the platform, is it iTouchVision?

Many enterprises face a lot of struggle to get the work started once they have selected particular software service. iTouchVision ensures that the on-going work is not disturbed at all by following ITIL configuration management steps  as you integrate our software within your existing system.

To begin with, all the initial configurations are done by the iTouchVision onboarding team to set up the software and explain the basics. The support team makes sure that you need not have to get any IT specialist to run the platform or do any configuration changes.

The platform is fully and easily configurable in a way that any person with or without technical expertise can understand and start to use it. Apart from this, we have got well-documented content and videos loaded in the knowledgebase to guide the users at each step according to the ITIL configuration management process.

At any point of time, if your employees face any trouble to use the software or they are unable to fix a specific thing, our support team is available to guide for future references. They can request for assistance to solve any issues or get the features configured. Our team is just a call away!