Do you have knowledgebase with self-explanatory content?

Making the system users capable of doing everything on their own reduces dependency and increases performance efficiency. To achieve this, a well-documented and rich knowledgebase with explanatory content and media has to be in place within the system.

Our solution provides a high-end knowledge management with video tutorials, text documents, and step-by-step instructions. It serves as a self-guide for all the users to understand the system and operate it flawlessly.

Knowledgebase is available for all the admin users that contains user guide to give insight to the entire system. Also, the administrators can create knowledgebase documents for their customers or end-users for any specific functionality or to explain any customisation done by them. Knowledge Centre module allows to configure articles and make it ready for agents to search using keywords. If agent finds the article then he/she can direct the answer by reading that article and it will avoid creation of service request until required.

Knowledgebase is useful to save time and help the agents to answer user queries within minutes by searching upon the articles.