Do you charge extra for support calls?

iTouchVision believes in delivering the best for their clients and take care of their all business needs from our system point of view. We consider support calls as a part of our responsibility to assist them in case of any problems or troubles in understanding or operating the platform.

On a general notion, no charges are levied for support calls. All the issues are resolved in accordance with the SLA (Service Level Agreement) between us and the client company. However, if the demand is for any new development or something out of SLA, minimal charges can be levied with regards to discussion with the user. A detailed report following what is required, how it will be done, how much time will it require and what will be the cost is submitted to keep things crystal clear and avoid any confusion.

Every client is assured of no hidden costs related to the support calls made by any of their executives. We keep it transparent and being an independent company, there are no other third-party costs as well.