How long do you take to respond?

In the fast-paced world, every minute is precious and hence, nobody likes to wait. Nobody would like to waste their time especially when they are facing some issues that pause their routine work. Every organisation expects minimum response time gap for their support calls.

We guarantee immediate responses to all urgent issues as mentioned in our SLA management policy (Service Level Agreement). Users have rated our technical support satisfaction to 99%. The team makes sure to address each support call with equal attention and resolve it within the mentioned response time.

According to our SLA management policies, we define severity levels and the corresponding response time as-

Severity LevelResponse Time
Severity 1 – Issues in our platform will be resolved within maximum of 24 hours unless the issue has dependency on company’s in-house system30 minutes or less
Severity 2 – Issues will be resolved within 2 working days2 hours or less
Severity 3 – Issues will be resolved within 10 working days8 hours or less
Severity 4 – Issues will be resolved within 20 working days12 hours or less
Severity LevelDefinition
Severity 1
  • A substantial loss of service
  • Your business operations have been severely disrupted
  • Issue is impacting more than 5 users
  • Service is down or unavailable
Severity 2
  • Operations can continue in a restricted fashion although long-term productivity will be adversely affected
  • A major milestone is at risk causing operational delays
  • Service is operational but highly degraded performance to the point of major impact on usage
  • A temporary workaround is available
Severity 3 
  • Impaired operations of some components, but allows the user to continue using the software
Severity 4 
  • Cosmetic layout or font or colour theme related issues in the application
  • Documentation changes

For sales, demo and general enquiries, you can send an email to and our team shall contact you within 2 hours.