Does the Mobile Worker platform enable routing to the next job based on distance and traffic conditions?

Companies engaged in sending out their field teams to different locations for completing different tasks, deliver orders and fulfill service requests are often having the concern of travel, fuel costs and time.

Spending more time in travelling can reduce the actual working hours of the workforce. MobileWorker supports auto-routing that allows navigating to the next job from the schedule based on current location and traffic scenario.

All the service requests and tasks for a specific day are aligned to set a path with minimum distance and fewer traffic hurdles. Mobile Worker uses GPS coordinates to even dynamically allocate incoming requests of a specific location to the nearest available individual or team using auto-routing intelligence.

The tasks received and accepted by the worker are taken into consideration. All these tasks are line up and put in the queue as per the auto-route suggestion on the application itself. Every worker is notified on current task completion about where he should head next to proceed ahead with his scheduled tasks.