What is a MobileWorker?

MobileWorker is a device independent cloud workforce management platform. It is designed and developed to enable the workforce to complete their tasks in an effective manner and communicate with the back-office staff. It is an application with features to accurately log any kind of work order or task information on a mobile phone or tablet and synchronise it with the back-office system.

MobileWorker promotes a paperless approach, eliminating the need to carry a bulk of files or task sheets, which in turn saves time and enables workers to be out in the field. MobileWorker application is highly used by the field representatives carrying out inspections, and tests, conducting routine maintenance and installations, serving customer requests, going for sales calls or responding to an urgent call out.

Auto-routing, offline integration, data synchronisation, evidence capture, notes and documents, media attachments, task alerts and notifications, location tracking, optimised scheduling are some of the main features of the MobileWorker application. It facilitates the professionals to carry out their tasks in a hassle free manner by receiving the work and task details right on their device and updating the information on the completion. It significantly reduces the administration effort and lets the workforce focus more on their actual tasks.

MobileWorker is an application that can simplify your workforce management in the best way and prevail over the target deadlines.