Do the field teams need to come to an office to submit their work report?

The primary motive of MobileWorker application is to implement a paperless remote working system for the representatives who need to travel across the locations and synchronise it with the back-office in a centralised manner. MobileWorker has been developed including all the functionalities required for task initiation to task completion.

The field working staff and respective team receive the entire detailed schedule on their devices. They carry out their work along the day and simultaneously submit the report and status of each task. They can add notes, update status, the signature of the customer and notify the office team about the completion of the work-order. Remote working right from the application saves their time by not making it mandatory to visit their office for reporting and work submission.

It is not required to visit the office to submit their day’s work manually. MobileWorker fastens the process using remote working to receive, allocate and close the requests without any dependency cycle between customers, back-office team and field representatives.