Can you assign scheduled tasks to a MobileWorker?

The rising customer expectations have been the driving force to enable optimised and on-time service delivery. Task scheduling, allocation and distribution demands special attention of the back-office executives so that no request is missed out or goes unattended.

MobileWorker application is a solution to dispatch all work-orders to the field teams in an efficient manner to accomplish more jobs in a day. Using the tsk scheduling functionalities, field workforce receives their schedules as per their skills, location, expertise and availability. It helps them to be prepared and align their day accordingly.

Also, “Recurring Tasks” feature allows creating a loop for the requests that need to be serviced and repeated in a specific time period. One can schedule daily, weekly, monthly and fixed time recurring tasks that are auto-allocated to the available staff. Also, the owner of the task can be assigned if it requires specific person or team to attend it.

It significantly reduces manual administration efforts and errors. For the organisations having either a limited number of technicians or a large scale enterprise, MobileWorker aids them to put jobs in a sorted fashion with task scheduling using automation.