Can my field representative raise an alarm in case of dangerous situation?

To address the managers’ concern about field workers’ safety, the Mobile Worker platform has Lone worker alarm functionality to raise an alarm and call the team for help.

Mobile Worker’s application with lone worker alarm has the Check-in button that can be used by field representative as and when he begins and completes his work in a hazardous location. It indicates the start and end of the task allocated to him. He can set the tentative duration of task completion. Anytime a field team member finds himself in a dangerous situation, he can use lone worker to seek help immediately.

There are simple options to call the supervisor or raise an alarm to face any emergency. The system initiated call will be made as per the emergency contact number saved in the application. Also, if it requires more time to complete the work, he can extend the duration and the same will be coordinated with the supervisor. Thus, ensuring that each of your workers is to the best of his safety condition.